New Video for Walla Walla, Washington Provides Dreamy Glimpses of Rugged, Culinary Destination

New Video for Walla Walla, Washington Provides Dreamy Glimpses of Rugged, Culinary Destination

Published 10/18/2020 at 11:23 PM PDT

New Video for Walla Walla, Washington Provides Dreamy Glimpses of Rugged, Culinary Destination

(Walla Walla, Washington) – They call it rural yet chic. It’s a hub of culinary delights and wining and dining, but it’s also bucolic countryside with a sizable helping of rugged.

Visit Walla Walla has taken a new modern media approach to touting these aspects, starting with a new promotional video that that not only invites visitors but shows the how to indulge and explore.

Visit Walla Walla says the place an American vibe while being a knid of unofficial capital of Washington’s wine country, a place what was voted “America’s Best Wine Region” by USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards, 2020.

The video, which can be found here, was produced to celebrate what Walla Walla has long been, a friendly and welcoming world-class wine destination unlike any other, and what it has become — a thriving arts, cultural, culinary, and recreation community — to give would-be visitors a taste of the region if even for someone who isn’t yet ready to travel on their own. It showcases a community that is blessed with open spaces, welcoming to all, and an ideal alternative to other, more crowded destinations.

“So often we hear stories from visitors about how friendly local residents are, and how we tend to go out of our way to make them feel part of the community, and we wanted this video to offer viewers a sense of what makes Walla Walla so special,” said Tabitha Crenshaw, Visit Walla Walla board chair and guest service manager of Spring Valley Vineyards. “Our appreciation and respect for visitors has only strengthened in light of current health, political, and social issues, and we wanted to provide them with a reminder that whether they are on a virtual visit through this video or planning a more traditional trip to the region, Walla Walla is as welcoming as ever."

Walla Walla has received more than its share of recognition in 2020. USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards named Walla Walla America’s Best Wine Region for 2020, and Condé Nast Traveler recently hailed Walla Walla and its pioneering Peace of MInd Pledge as a role model for “How Cities Across the U.S. Are Signaling Safety to Visitors.” A relatively short 2:32, the video explores the assets that have helped put Walla Walla at the forefront of the national travel conversation.

While the recognition is more recent, the historical influence begins with the ancient Missoula Floods that nourish the region’s soil today. From the Native American tribes who first settled the region, to the Lewis and Clark expedition, to the agricultural roots that form the bedrock of the region, so much has gone into making Walla Walla today’s thriving destination filled with world-class wineries and a creative culinary scene that rivals cities much larger.

The video shows that Walla Walla is an outdoors destination, too, whether interested most in a nature walk around Bennington Lake, a round at Wine Valley Golf Club, a bike ride through the winding, bucolic roads that weave through the region, or an adventure in the nearby Blue Mountains.

“Walla Walla checks all of the boxes when it comes to how people are traveling today,” Crenshaw said. “People want to foster a greater connection with communities and each other in a way that can only be experienced through travel. This is something Walla Walla has long excelled at, and we wanted the video to be as welcoming and inspiring as the community itself.”

The video was produced by Walla Walla-based CMBell. For more information on planning a trip to Walla Walla, visit