Oregon's Columbia River Gorge - Marys Hill, Hood River, The Dalles, Multnomah Falls

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Oregon's Columbia River Gorge - Marys Hill, Hood River, The Dalles, Multnomah Falls


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Updates from the Columbia Gorge

Gorge in the Gorge

by Kate Hart
12 Mar 2017 at 4:21pm

When I want a sandwich I go to Ovino Market. While I?ve enjoyed plenty of hearty American sandwiches with mile-high toppings in my life, I much prefer an Ovino, European style sandwich with just bread, meat, cheese, and spread. There?s no wilted lettuce or soggy tomatoes overpowering the good stuff, just delicious, high-quality meat and […]

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by Kate Hart
7 Feb 2017 at 11:39am

One of our favorite places to eat in town is a coffee shop. Seriously, a coffee shop. Kickstand Coffee & Kitchen offers so much more than coffee. In addition to the best house-made doughnuts in town, they also have an impressive lunch and dinner menu, and beer, wine, and cocktails at the bar. Did I […]

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by kacieblogs@gmail.com
25 Jan 2017 at 7:22am

Happy New Year, everyone! I know it’s almost February, but it’s never to late to wish a prosperous new year to friends (or readers)! Part of the reason for the delayed wishes is that we welcomed a son to our family just a few days before Christmas. We have been soaking up the baby cuddles, […]

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by kacieblogs@gmail.com
5 Dec 2016 at 10:00pm

My Dad and Stepmom offered to take the kids and I out for Happy Hour in the Gorge. We let the kids decide and they chose Henni’s Kitchen and Bar because they love the spaghetti and meatballs, and I didn’t argue cause I love pretty much everything on the menu there. We zoomed across the […]

The post HAPPY HOUR AT HENNI’S KITCHEN AND BAR appeared first on Gorge in the Gorge.

by kacieblogs@gmail.com
17 Oct 2016 at 9:46am

Have I mentioned how much I love the wines and setting at Syncline Winery? Well, I do. I love the little winding drive up into Lyle and down the gravel road to the winery. Something about the location makes it feel like a secret even though it’s often bustling with fellow wine lovers. We recently […]

The post A QUICK STOP AT SYNCLINE WINERY appeared first on Gorge in the Gorge.

by kacieblogs@gmail.com
6 Aug 2016 at 2:00am

It’s full on summer, I love to get out of the house early and go to the waterfront either to walk around, or let the kids play at the park or get sandy and wet down at the beach. My favorite thing to do is to pop over to Stoked Roasters and treat myself to […]

The post LAVENDER LATTE AT STOKED ROASTERS appeared first on Gorge in the Gorge.

by kacieblogs@gmail.com
18 Jul 2016 at 1:31pm

I am not a huge Chardonnay drinker, but I have to say that the Phelps Creek Vineyards Lynette Chardonnay is really special. It’s wonderfully refreshing and clean with lovely notes of citrus and melon to balance it out. I love this beautiful white wine… it’s a favorite of mine all year round.

The post PHELPS CREEK VINEYARDS LYNETTE CHARDONNAY appeared first on Gorge in the Gorge.

by kacieblogs@gmail.com
20 Jun 2016 at 5:06am

I needed to just pop in to rave about the coconut ice cream at Mike’s Ice Cream. It’s my favorite, reminiscent of the coconut gelato I couldn’t get enough of when I visited Italy! They don’t have it all the time, but when they do I always order it, sometimes split with something a little […]

The post COCONUT ICE CREAM AT MIKE’S ICE CREAM appeared first on Gorge in the Gorge.

by kacieblogs@gmail.com
7 Jun 2016 at 9:33am

When I heard that Broder was opening a location within the Hood River Hotel in downtown Hood River I was beyond excited. The Broder locations in Portland serve up some of the best brunch in the city. Their Nordic-inspired menu features gems like Danish Pancakes which are more like beignets and are served with lingonberry […]

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Everybody?s Brewing in Spring
by kacieblogs@gmail.com
7 Apr 2016 at 8:22am

This weather is amazing! It’s so wonderful to see everyone (my family included) coming out of hibernation to ride bikes, play on the waterfront, stroll through downtown and treat themselves to Mike’s Ice Cream! Tulips and cherry blossoms are everywhere and the light lingers until well after the kids are tucked into bed. One of […]

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