Asia Tourism Group Offers Spa Travel Highlights

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Asia Tourism Group Offers Spa Travel Highlights

Published 12/24/2010

The promotional group Discover Asia Now has offered up some particularly cozy suggests for travel around Asia, on how to tour spas in China, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, while showing off some awe-inspiring deals to whet your appetite. It’s exotic, secluded and full of well being and relaxation all at the same time.

India. Take time out for a relaxing break at the Kaya Kalp, The Royal Spa in Agra, known for its size, grandeur, and startling views of the Taj Mahal. A mix of traditional and modern styles, the warm and zen-like atmosphere at the Kaya Kalp soothes the conscience and aches. There are numerous highly regarded specialties, like the pomegranate scrub, or learn about other Indian treatments, such as the Indian head massage, to ameliorate the many symptoms of stress. Learn More.

Hong Kong. Visit a traditional Chinese apothecary and consult the shop owner and his treasure chest of remedies. Ko Shing Street in the Sheung Wan neighborhood is an old ‘Herbal Medicine Street’ and favorite spot for visitors to pick up high-quality and inexpensive herbs and teas.

China. It’s best known for incorporating ancient philosophy to its programs. There, the Chi Spa in Shanghai combines Himalayan and Chinese healing techniques based on the five Chinese elements of metal, fire, wood, water and earth for better inner balance. Highlights include the Chi Balance massage and the Himalayan Healing Stone Massage, which calm you with hot stones heated in oil to dissolve stress instantaneously.

Japan. It’s volcano country here, and Japan boasts some of the best natural hot springs in the world. Referred to as "onsen," these geothermally heated springs are scattered around the country in both indoor and outdoor facilities. The waters are considered by many to have restorative properties with natural minerals – and legend has it they heal aches and pains, ease and prevent illnesses, and maintain general health. Hot springs are also an integral part of maintaining a tranquil, Zen-like equilibrium. There are hundreds of hot spring destinations as a peaceful getaway, to cleanse the body and soul, and to simply relax.

Korea. Jjimjilbang, a Korean Spa, is a popular rest destination for couples, friends, and family spa retreats, that includes treatments, showers, saunas, and experience the overnight heated rooms. The Spa Land Centum City in Haeundae, Busan, has 22 spas with constant resources of two different kinds of all-natural spring water pumped from underground. There are saunas, an open-air foot spa, and 13 distinctively themed Jjimjilbang. Learn More

Macau. The new Mandarin Oriental in Macau blends the destination’s cultural diversity and welcoming hospitality to create a tranquil atmosphere filled with colors and scents. The spa offers a peaceful getaway from the fast- paced cosmopolitan city of Macau combined and expert pampering. The Mandarin Oriental uses Traditional Chinese Medicine infused with Portuguese and Chinese elements, offering a multi-cultural spa experience. Check out the two-hour Macanese Dragon Experience treatment including foot scrub, private steam shower, Jacuzzi whirlpool, and a full body massage using the heated Chinese meditation “Bao Ding” balls finished with a personalized body cream. Learn More

Philippines. It is one of Asia’s top health and spa destinations with numerous world-class urban wellness centers and themed destination spas. Travelers can count on distinctly Filipino hospitality, caring and pampering for blissful days of rejuvenation and relaxation. Batangas province’s The Farm at San Benito was awarded by SpaAsia as the Best Medical Spa and draws a regular international clientele, including prominent Hollywood stars, for its holistic healing programs in a 25-acre former coconut and coffee plantation of verdant gardens, natural pools, tropical plants and invigorating fresh air. More.

Singapore. Singapore’s has the secluded wellness getaway called Spa Botanica, the city-state’s first garden destination spa in The Sentosa Resort & Spa on Sentosa Island. Built on the concept of a botanical garden, with rooms and treatment pavilions named after essential oils and popular local flowers. Treatments here have been carefully designed to maximize the rich botanical resources of the region such as jasmine, frangipani, papaya, water chestnut, licorice and chrysanthemum. More

Thailand. Take the spa journey of a lifetime at the Anantara Si Kao, in the region of Krabi, where the contrasting beauty of the water and limestone landscape provides an eco-friendly escape. Krabi is known as Thailand’s best kept secret for its white sandy beaches, a private hideaway destination to revive your senses. Relax at the 8,000 square foot spa Anantara Si Kao for a week of yoga, detox program, or spa treatments and connect with the ancient Ayurveda techniques for better balance of mind, body, and spirit. Learn More

Some travel deals for the region include EVA Airways with prices starting from $1,300 per person; Habour Grand Kowloon starting from $162 per person; or the Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees that starts at $85 per person.

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