Israeli Winery Releases Latest Acclaimed Selections

Israeli Winery Releases Latest Acclaimed Selections to U.S.

Published 10/08/2019 at 4:33 AM PDT

Israeli Winery Releases Latest Acclaimed Selections

(Negev, Israel) – Yatir, one of Israel’s most highly-acclaimed wineries, has just introduced its celebrated Yatir Creek 2016 and Yatir Mount Amasa White 2017 to the U.S. market.

Yatir wines ( are distinguished by vibrant freshness and the masterful fusion of carefully crafted varietals. The winery was founded less than 20 years ago but has emerged as one of Israel’s best. Using state-of the-art technology, the winery releases about 150,000 bottles a year. The boutique winery works only with select vineyards that showcase the unique terroirs of Israel’s Yatir Forest in the southern tip of the Judean Hills. Yatir’s award-winning wines consistently earn high critical praise on the international stage – including scores of 90 points or higher for the past nine seasons from Wine Advocate.

Yatir Winery continues to work on innovation by planting new varieties, moving from small barrels to wood and concrete containers, creating new blends (all mixes) with the aim of creating and bringing the winery's unique terroir into special and unique wines.

Especially for the Jewish New Year, Yatir is announcing its new "Yatir Creek" vintage 2016 and Yatir Mount Masa White 2017, which perfectly express the regional and redundant character. The new wines join the Yatir portfolio from Yatir Mount Masa Red (which is a best seller from Yatir portfolio). Yatir Rose, Yatir Peti Verdo, and the flagship wine, Yatir Forest.

“Although Israel’s winemaking tradition is ancient, the current industry is still young,” said Etti Edri, Yatir’s export manager. “Israel has been widely recognized as capable of producing world-class wines, and growth is happening fast. We are so pleased to unveil to the USA, the exciting diversity of the region, as well as its worthiness of inclusion in the lexicon of New World wines.”

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