The Sweet Suites of Oregon Wine Country: Staying At Willamette Valley Vineyards

The Sweet Suites of Oregon Wine Country: Staying At Willamette Valley Vineyards

Published 08/01/2020 at 5:43 AM PDT

The Sweet Suites of Wine Country: Staying At Willamette Valley Vineyards

(Salem, Oregon) – Magnificent wineries in Oregon are practically a dime a dozen, and that’s not just a good thing - it’s remarkable. However, staying at one of these esteemed purveyors of vino in a way that you would a hotel or BnB is a bit of a rarity.

Just south of Salem, as the terrain of the Capitol City turns from flat lands to undulating green curves, Willamette Valley Vineyards is a standout in the lodging world on top of its yum-o-rama wines. Here, you can dive headlong into the inescapably mesmerizing angles of the vineyard and its lush greens by staying the night – and dive into its culinary delights.

Spending the night here is an Oregon Wine Country getaway that includes a private winery tour and tasting, along with a $150 credit so you can take home your most beloved wines. Each stay also includes the possibilities of the daily food and wine pairings menu.

The rooms at Willamette Valley Vineyards are an exclusive kind of stay if there ever was one: there are only two suites, and they need three weeks advance notice. One is the Upper Guest Suite that sits up on high and overlooks the vineyard below, and the other is the Lower Guest Suite that also affords astounding views of the grounds. Because the estate building sits at the pinnacle of this enormous, stately hill, either way you get near-aerial views of the valley and surrounding region.

Rooms are lavish yet sleek and chic, coming in a mix of muted and bold colors, enlivened by reds that evoke the worlds of wine. Beautifully done polished wood floors are de rigeur, and have a feel of the finest the Oregon coast or Portland could offer.

The Upper Guest Suite comes with one king bed, a master bath with soaking tub, butler kitchen, and a living area with a sleeper sofa. There’s a dining area, it’s dog friendly, there’s a fireplace and it’s ADA accessible.

The Lower Guest Suite comes with all the aforementioned amenities but no pets allowed.

Both have outdoor areas where you can go full epicurean in the breezes of the valley, and take in that decidedly sweet air the region has from spring through early fall.

Prices range from $395 to $495 for the first night and then reductions on each night after.

It’s been described as “paradise,” especially after hours.

Vibrant flowers of summer grace the gates and other parts of the grounds, creating small explosions of color in various places. Rolling hills surround, and when you’re in some of the upper parts of the building – and if there’s a mix of clouds and sun - there’s that rather rush-inducing effect of seeing some distant hills covered in cloud shadow while others are not. It’s that same sense of the dramatically expansive you get from being in a plane overlooking the world below, creating that same wonder.

On some cloudy winter or fall days, that distinctive mist the Willamette Valley can be known for hovers in the distance around some of those hills, or maybe you’ll spot a squall out there on the horizon before it reaches you.

Near the winery, there’s the obvious attraction of course: Oregon’s famed Enchanted Forest. After many decades it’s still graced by various rides and wacky jaunts into the fairy tale alternate universes of the Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, Mary and her little lamb, glimpses of Alice in Wonderland and more, along with that inimitable deep forest vibe.

The Creekside Golf Club is a short ride away through more bucolic valley lands. Another engaging chunk of nature is the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge, sitting near where two major Oregon rivers meet. There’s a massive, rustic boardwalk affording easy access through these striking forested tracts, along with viewing platforms that give you glimpses of a variety of beasties and critters that fly or dart around.

Willamette Valley Vineyards. 8800 Enchanted Way SE. (503) 588-9463. Website here.