National Geographic Journeys Adds Eight New Adventures: Ireland, Singapore, Greece, Mexico

National Geographic Journeys Adds Eight New Adventures: Ireland, Singapore, Greece, Mexico

Published 09/22/2019 at 5:33 AM PDT

National Geographic Journeys Adds Eight New Adventures: Ireland, Singapore, Greece, Mexico

(Portland, Oregon) - National Geographic Expeditions has partnered with G Adventures for the fifth year in a row, adding eight new trips to their National Geographic Journeys collection, all of which provide an enriching, in-depth look at the history, culture, and natural heritage of a destination. The newly announced itineraries add three new countries to the Journeys product line: Ireland, Singapore and Greece, which are now on sale and available to agents and travelers around the world for 2020 booking.

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures tours combine hands-on experiences, local connections, and a range of optional activities that create truly memorable moments. On the new 2020 trips, for example, travelers will have the opportunity to learn about Irish folklore at a storytelling dinner in Dublin, Ireland; taste a flavorful culinary fusion on a street food walking tour in Singapore; and explore Athens' ancient sites, including the Acropolis, alongside an archaeologist guide.

The new additions start at $1,999 per person, visit multiple countries on three continents and range from eight to 22 days in length. Each small-group tour will be led by a specially-trained CEO (Chief Experience Officer), who will deliver unforgettable activities and experiences for travelers, while also allowing them flexibility and free time.

These eight new adventures join the 91 different trips already offered, covering 54 countries.

They are:

Cultural Wonders of Mexico. 9 days from $1,999. Mexico is a feast for the senses - the sounds of chaotic Mexico City, the sights of ancient civilizations, the flavors of regional cuisine. On this journey, experience the many intriguing faces of Mexico, from UNESCO World Heritage - listed monuments dating to the country's pre-Hispanic past to avant-garde art and a thriving night life. Then try your hand at whipping up mouth-watering mole and enjoy a sip or two of mezcal.

Iconic Ireland. 9 days from $2,799. A land of ancient legends, epic folktales, and grand traditions, Ireland is a destination that will truly transport you back in time. Uncover Celtic culture and admire medieval architecture across the stunning countryside and delve into historic Dublin and the “rebel city” of Cork. Eat, dance, and sing with locals—even kiss the Blarney Stone—as you follow the roots of Irish culture to its core and come home with some Irish ballads of your own.

Explore Chile and Argentina. 8 days from $2,799. Eat and sip your way through the vibrant cities and colorful landscapes of Chile and Argentina on an eight-day adventure from Santiago to Buenos Aires. Tour the stunning Argentine wine region of Mendoza, home to over a thousand wineries, and indulge in a meal of local specialties with wine pairings. Explore the charming historic quarter of Valparaíso and relax in the elegant sidewalk cafés of Buenos Aires.

Singapore to Bangkok Journey. 15 days from $2,849. Experience a whirlwind of unforgettable flavors, sights, and sensations on an exploration of three Southeast Asian countries. Discover bustling markets and fascinating museums, tranquil temples and turquoise waters as we venture from futuristic Singapore to Malaysia's multicultural cities; and from Thailand's idyllic Ko Yao Yai island to the delightfully chaotic urban hub of Bangkok.

Greece: Ancient Ruins & Iconic Islands. 12 days from $2,899. Step back in time on a journey to Greece, where iconic ruins bring ancient history to life. Explore the awe-inspiring monuments of Athens and the stunning Cyclades islands; and run and jump in the footsteps of ancient Greek athletes at the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Then venture to the olive-covered hills and rugged coasts of the Peloponnese, where some of Homer's Iliadand Odyssey played out; and savor the delightfully fresh flavors of Greek cuisine.

Explore Brazil. 9 days from $3,099. Connect with the lively rhythms of urban culture and venture deep into extraordinary ecosystems on a nine-day adventure in Brazil. On the colorful streets and sun-drenched beaches of Rio de Janeiro, learn to dance the samba and meet the costumers of Brazil's famed Carnival. Venture into the tropical wetland wilderness of the Pantanal in search of caimans, capybaras, and other incredible creatures; and stand in the mists of spectacular Iguaçu Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand Explorer. 22 days from $4,099. Southeast Asia comes alive on this trip from the dynamic streets of Singapore to the lush rainforests of Malaysia and Thailand's stunning temples. Cross the boundary between the city and the wild in Singapore's Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and the Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur and explore echoes of extraordinary history in Melaka and the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya. Savor local flavors at bustling markets overflowing with exotic fruits and during a Thai cooking class.

Discover Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. 16 days from $5,999. Experience the vibrant cultures and diverse wildlife of South America on a 16-day action-packed adventure to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Sip world-class wines in the sweeping vineyards of Mendoza, dance the tango on the streets of Buenos Aires, and stroll the golden sands of Rio de Janeiro. Then discover the continent's wilder side amid the verdant wetlands of the Pantanal and the thundering cascades of Iguaçu Falls.

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