Oregon Coast Restaurant Icon Found in Numerous Towns

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Published 11/30/09

Oregon Coast Restaurant Icon Found in Numerous Towns

(Oregon Coast) – They are everywhere.

Mo's Restaurants, a distinctive Oregon coast icon for decades, can be found in places you may not have imagined. With their famed clam chowder, legendary kid-friendly atmosphere and the memories piled up through numerous generations, it’s one of those warm, welcoming sights that’s as glow-inducing as their particular brand of comfort food after a hard day’s frolic on the beach.

Looking for a place to warm back up after a day full of bouncing around the beach? Here’s six spots in five coastal towns to do so. For a full list of Oregon coast restaurants.....

Mo's Cannon Beach. The Cannon Beach Visitor Center reports the number one question they get is “where’s Mo’s?” And no surprise why. Overlooking the surf of Cannon Beach, you get unmatched views of sunsets, wave action and Haystack Rock in the distance. Mo’s famous chowder comes in several sizes, including a big sourdough bowl. There’s also oyster stew, slumgullion and chili, along with a massive bouillabaisse. Salads are aplenty, and appetizers include shooters, half shell, cocktails, shrimp skewers, clam strips and more ($3 - $10). Seafood sandwiches (around $7) include a tuna melt, grilled cod (or blackened), petrale sole with parmesan, and an Oregon oyster burger. Grilled cheese, chili, ribs, chicken strips, chicken fried steak and various burgers serve the landlubbers. Grand dinners ($8 - $15) arrive with salad, chowder and choice of rice, fries, seasoned vegetables or mashed potatoes. You’ll find blackened shrimp skewers, clam strips, fritters, popcorn scallops, deep fried shrimp, sole, oysters, salmon, halibut and cod. Get a combination plate and explore the ocean. A kid’s menu rounds out the fun. 195 Warren Way. Tolovana Park/Cannon Beach, Oregon. 503-436-1111. www.moschowder.com.

Mo's Lincoln City. On Lincoln City’s Siletz Bay, where seals and other marine life play. Appetizers like oyster shooters or in the half shell, skewers, seafood cocktails, fries ($3 - $10). Salads. Sandwiches (around $7): tuna melt, cod, sole, deep fried shrimp, clam fritter, or various hamburgers. Mo’s famous clam chowder in various sizes; plus chili and a scrumptious slumgullion (chowder w/ shrimp). BBQ ribs, chicken strips, grilled chicken and country fried steak. Large seafood dinners. 860 SW 51st Street. Lincoln City, Oregon. 541-996-2535. www.moschowder.com.

Mo's West. Astounding views of dramatic vistas, Otter Rock and the Devil’s Punchbowl. Appetizers, like baked oysters or shrimp cocktail. Major dinners w/ signature Mo’s Chowder, and include grilled scalloped oysters in butter and cream, grilled oysters, a monster cioppino or shrimp casserole ($9 - $15). Seafood sandwiches (about $7) feature grilled oyster, shrimp, clam fritter or tuna. Sizable menu of non-ocean goodies like grilled chicken sandwich, chilli dog, hamburgers or quesadilla and vegetarian specialties ($5 - $9). Enormous stews. Open seasonally. 122 1st Street. Otter Rock. Oregon. 541-765-2442. www.moschowder.com.

Mo's Newport. The iconic original, with an open wall to the bayfront. Appetizers huge and serve a family, ($5 - $26). Entrees ($10 - $14) w/ signature Mo’s clam chowder, salad and other choices. Large dishes of halibut, local oysters, calamari, prawns, cod, clam strips or massive combo plates, cioppino, fish tacos and of course fish ‘n’ chips. Seafood sandwiches ($7 - $13). Luscious pastas. Burgers, chicken, hot dogs and more for the landlubbers as well. 622 SW Bay Blvd. Newport, Oregon. 541-265-2979. www.moschowder.com.

Mo's Florence. Situated on the river, you have a stunning view of Old Town’s aquatic side and sunsets framed by the Siuslaw Bay bridge. Oysters big for appetizers ($6 - $10), which may be shooters, steamed, half shell or cocktail, along with shrimp, scallops or fries. The famed Mo’s Chowder comes in various sizes, including a massive sourdough bowl. There’s also slumgullion (chowder w/ shrimp), bouillabaisse and chili. Pastas ($11) come with chicken, veggies or various seafoods. Salads are varied, and sometimes have seafood. Sandwiches include bay shrimp, tuna, cod (with a blackened option), clam fritters, and there are plenty of burgers. Large dinners ($9 - $15) come with lots of fixin’s and include former ocean dwellers like clams, oyster, petrale sole, cod, salmon or halibut. Not so surfy delicacies boast ribs, chicken and chicken-fried steak. A kids’ menu keeps the little ones happy. 1436 Bay Street. Florence, Oregon. 541-997-2185. www.moschowder.com.


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