Eerie Finds at Ireland's Kilkenny Castle as Records Broken

Eerie Finds at Ireland's Kilkenny Castle as Records Broken

Published 08/17/2019 at 8:53 PM PDT

Eerie Finds at Ireland's Kilkenny Castle as Records Broken

(Kilkenny, Ireland) – A spooky find is made at Ireland’s Kilkenny Castle in recent years, overshadowing a milestone in the 700-year-old fortress’ long history.

2018 saw a record 800,000 visit the castle, making it the most visited Office of Public Works (OPW) site in the country. Just as this comes to light, it was announced a macabre finding made two years ago will become part of the exhibits at the atmospheric place. The skeletal remains of 22 poor people were excavated at the entrance to the Medieval Mile Museum on Mary’s Lane in the center of Kilkenny City two years ago. The remains, believed to be between 400 and 600 years old were taken away by a team of archaeologists for analysis following their discovery.

Now, they’re becoming part of that museum. Three females of the group found will be on display at the Medieval Mile Museum, called “ 3 Lives 3 Deaths.” It tells the gripping and tragic story of a woman in her late forties, aged beyond her years; a teenage girl whose short life of toil was written on her bones and an adolescent who suffered malnutrition. Concealed for centuries, their stories are told for the first time and will perhaps rectify the imbalance of how women were literally second-class citizens.

John Moores University in Liverpool, UK is digitizing one skull to create a facial reconstruction. Once completed it will form part of the exhibition.

Curator of the Medieval Mile Museum, Grace Fegan is looking forward to the official opening of the exhibition on July 25th. She feels that the story of the three females will make up for the way women were treated in medieval times and the fact that so few of them are interred in the grandiose burial chambers and ornamental tombs at St Mary’s Church.

“We have come along way and an untold story will finally be revealed,” she said.

Address: The Parade, Collegepark, Kilkenny, Ireland




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