A Look at the Unseen and Seriously Creepy in Portland, Oregon

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A Look at the Unseen and Seriously Creepy in Portland, Oregon

Published 10/26/2013

(Portland, Oregon) – The ghost and paranormal tales about certain spots in Portland are numerous, but not - well - not too varied. It's always a variation on a theme. But what if the creepiest things in Portland weren't so obvious?

It's well known the camera sees things human beings don't, especially when photographing at night. That's just basic science. Here's a photo essay that examines the paranormal possibilities of that. The everyday things that lurk around you in Oregon's biggest city may not be what they seem when the lens examines them at night.

Only three of these were manipulated digitally. The rest – well the is just how Portland can look at night without the aid of anything more than a camera and a tripod.

The photo at top is an example. Near a large industrial complex in Beaverton, the sky appears to be on fire in some sort of apocalyptic blaze. One winter night a few years back, steam rising from construction facilities close by was lit up by various light sources to create this scene straight out of the end of the world.

Ominous signs from the other side – on the SE side. This street near Powell Boulevard in Portland had a bit more lurking in a puddle than the usual bodies of water that get this place called Puddle Town. What manner of creepy visions are being sent from beyond in these reviling reflections?

St. John's and its Cathedral Park have been the source of many a ghostie tale throughout the decades. But what did the camera catch here in with this disturbing vibe beneath the famed St. Johns Bridge? Rumor has it the blood-curdling screams of a woman are sometimes heard here at night. Perhaps that's why the air and the scene was tainted with a blood red?

Where do creepy clowns come from? Perhaps it's here, in this otherworldly shot of not one but two spooky specters seen in Beaverton one summer.

Insidious industry – that's what comes to mind with this building in SE Portland on this particular night. Even a pleasant summer's evening can't hide the fiendish finds of what the camera sees here near Belmont.

Most would find the presence of the holy cross a comforting sight. But what if it's suspended in an eerie light above Beaverton? One church near the Sylvan exit sometimes inadvertently creates this esoteric effect when things get foggy.

Ancient trains can have their haunted vibe. Indeed, this antique beauty, photographed near OMSI a few years back, has a habit of donning a supernatural stance at night.

Here, it's pleasant Forest Park on a summer day – undoubtedly one of the nation's more intriguing urban green areas. But in this spot, as the daylight draws to a close, something otherworldly appears to be lurking just inside this stand of trees. It could almost be straight out of the TV series Grimm, filmed here in Portland. But OregonTravelDaily thought of it first.

Sometimes, the creepiest shots of Portland come during the day. This was a strange and distressing find in the skies above SW Portland on a day when cameras from OregonTravelDaily.com and our sister site, Oregon Coast Beach Connection, were trained on the skies looking for the Transit of Venus one spring day. The clouds, if you could call it serendipitously, took on the shape of a giant skull in the sky.

More of these are periodically added to the FB page, Creepy Portland.



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